Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Education for Ministry - EfM: Now’s the time to register!!

We start the new study year on April 17th. Now is the time to register if you want to join the course! We still have room for first-year seminar participants. Could this be you?

Education for Ministry provides excellent adult education for people who like to read, think big thoughts, and engage in deep conversations with others who have done the same. The cornerstone of EfM is “theological reflection”. Our group does a beautiful job of this intentional process whereby we seek the connections between faith and practice, religion and culture, personal beliefs and actions. In group theological reflection, we search for signs of God’s presence, and look to form greater congruency between what we profess and how we live.

This is a rigorous and gentle process. Our weekly reading informs our theological reflection which informs our daily living which informs our engagement with the tradition which informs our understanding of culture and so it goes. We begin to see patterns. We begin to think theologically. We begin to see traces of the Holy in all that we do, everywhere we go, and all that we are.

Everyone is welcome. Anyone can give this a try. This is tuition-based and we offer financial assistance as well as scholarships. Please be in touch with Jan ( if you’re interested. Join us!!


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