You will find us to be old and young, male and female, gay and straight, single, married, divorced, and widowed...  We come from all regions, races, economics, and perspectives. We work in our communities, responding to our baptismal promise to seek and serve Christ in all whom we meet.  We engage in conversations of faith in the hope that the questions will bring us closer to God. We support one another in good times and bad, and we try to offer that same support to all whom we meet.

We are the denomination "in between" - both catholic and protestant.  Our liturgy will be familiar to those who grew up with the Roman Catholic Mass.  The centrality of Scripture and individual discernment in community will be familiar to many Protestants.  Seekers who are spiritual but not religious will find a healthy meeting of intellect and heart, science and religion, innovation and tradition, solemnity and laughter.

Everyone is welcome in the Episcopal Church -- including welcome to receive the Bread and Wine of Holy Communion.  This Great Feast is a table set for everyone and we believe it to be a sign and affirmation of God's radical love for all the world in Jesus Christ.

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How We Began... What We Have Done

On March 15, 1835, two Episcopalians, Rhoda Camp and her brother Zenas Barker, a few Congregationalists, and several Masons met at the home of a Unitarian to organize an “Episcopal Church and Society.”  A small stone building was built on public ground with stone quarried across the street.

Less than a generation later, in the mid-1800s, the building was enlarged with transepts and two towers.  The parish grew to include three missions, on the south, east, and west sides of the city, with chapels and church schools. 

In addition to community ministry of worship and education, Grace has a long history of social service in this community:

¨ promoted the founding of Good Samaritan Hospital (now Firelands Regional Medical Center)

¨ provided a place for Sandusky’s first Head Start Program;

¨ partnered in the formation of Safe Harbour Domestic Violence Shelter

¨ operating a Thrift Shop since 1948

¨ offering gathering space for Boy and Girl Scout troops and other civic organizations. 

¨ founding and supporting KinShip, a family service agency that focuses on the  prevention of child abuse and neglect

¨ hosting a Community Free Meal on the last Saturday of each month

¨ helping fund local projects sharing our values of learning and service with Grace Outreach Grants.



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