Children in Worship

Children are always 110% welcome in our worship together - in fact, our 8 o'clock worship is incredibly enriched by "our" kids who come regularly with their parents and grands. We are more fully the Body of Christ when we are many generations - that's for sure. At the 10 o'clock service, there are always "prayer bags" and books for kids to use - filled with age-appropriate activities to enhance their experience of worshipping with the adults. The front transept under the Christmas window has children's materials there and is set up for toddlers and their families to worship comfortably and safely.

Please do not hesitate to bring a child - and to sit wherever you are most comfortable! If you are worshipping near a child, please do not hesitate to welcome them wholeheartedly into our midst.



We have activity bags at our 10am service - from the ushers. Each blue bag contains things

to make-and-take and things to leave for next week.

Please help your child(ren) to a bag that suits their age

(older, younger, and in-between). All are welcome here.

The noisy and the timid.

The quiet and the exuberant.

Every. Single. Child.

Thank you for bringing them - and welcome!!!

(When you leave church, you can leave the bag in your pew - we will refresh it for next time)



Let the little children come to me and do not stop them;

Children are, indeed, welcome here at Grace Episcopal Church!

If you are sitting near a child… Please share God’s Peace with them, too. Include them in conversation before or after the service. Remember that you are creating an experience of welcoming and belonging!

If you are with a child… Please sit where you can see and participate; answer “right now” questions as they are asked; encourage them receive communion bread and wine if they want to; make use of the children’s resources at the back of the church; know that we’re glad you’re here!

Ten Reasons Children are Welcome in our Church

10. Repeated exposure to all the sights, sounds and symbols of Eucharist helps form all Christians.

9. Children actually like sitting in those nearly-empty front row seats so they can see and hear what is going on.

8. It would be expensive to repaint all those signs to read “The Episcopal Church Only Welcomes Adults”

7. Practice makes Perfect – teaching young children to enjoy and participate in the service helps them become active and receptive worshiping adults.

6. There are no pop quizzes at the communion rail – we all experience the Eucharist as a mystery… you don’t have to be able to explain it in order to benefit from it.

5. Children have their own unique relationships with God. Being in church helps them learn how to pray, sing, worship and otherwise strengthen that relationship.

4.If children aren’t in church, who are the candy-unwrapping, restless, coughing, whispering adults going to blame for the noise?

3. Sunday services make great family togetherness time. Use the quiet space for extra hand-holding or snuggling time that may get lost during a busy week.

2. Children teach us what absolute joy looks like and what better place to experience that than in church?

1. …and the Number One reason why children are welcomed in our church: the Circle of God’s Family is incomplete without them!

Tracey E. Herzer, 2007 President, National Association for Episcopal Christian Education Directors



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