Shards of Grace

The Tomb is Empty

The tomb is empty.

Death does not have the final word.

Love wins.


So, why do we act otherwise?

Why do we allow ourselves to be filled with fear?

Why allow others to write a story for us that speaks of scarcity and enemies and doing unto others before they do us in?


Could it be that we don’t really believe the tomb is empty?  That we let death loom large in our psyches and souls – as if it were the real victor that day in Jerusalem?


Of course, bad things happen.  We will die. 

We will grieve.  We might be harmed. 

We could experience random acts of violence.


But good things also happen.  Babies are born. 

We rejoice. We are healed. 

We experience random acts of kindness.


The tomb is empty.

Jesus is at large.

Love is running rampant throughout the world.


May we have eyes to see the miracles of God’s love

in our midst.

May we have hearts to serve Jesus Christ

in all whom we meet.

May we have imaginations alive to the reality

that love does, indeed, win.


The tomb is empty.

Thanks be to God!