Debbie Chase

Parish Administrator

What incredible luck brought Debbie Chase to Grace Church.  As a “mature” student attending BGSU Firelands College she one day happened to come across a notice on a bulletin board that Grace was looking for a secretary.  The stars aligned and the rest is history.  Debbie has been at Grace for almost 10 years and everyone couldn’t be happier.  As our Parish Administrator Debbie keeps on top of what’s happening at Grace and is indispensable to us.  When not working Debbie enjoys reading and crocheting and spending time with her family and her pets.

What I most value about Grace Episcopal Church: This is a beautiful Church (both physically and in the spiritual sense). The parishioners treasure Grace and all it has to offer. They make me feel cherished as a part of this community.

What I bring to our common life as this branch of the Jesus Movement: I feel that I am one of many who bring a sense of continuity to Grace.  People stop by during the week and always see me in the office behind my desk (I really need to move around more!!).  If they have a problem or a question, I try to help them with it.  I’ve even had people call with non-church-related questions they think I can help them with!  I am here for them.