This labyrinth is our gift to all the community. It is a touching and true reflection of Christian life as we know it and try to live it.

People walk our labyrinth who we will never know. People walk our labyrinth and not only do we not know their names, but we don’t even know they’ve done so. How do we know what we don’t know, right? Not so long ago, our retired rector was talking with a community meal guest. A desultory easy-paced little conversation. She shared that she regularly walks and prays our labyrinth. It keeps her going through the tough times. Who knew.

On a different occasion, our retired rector was leaving church on a Sunday afternoon. It was the time when transitions are happening and day is beginning to turn toward evening, people are tucking in to their homes. A stranger was standing in the very middle of the labyrinth praying aloud with all her heart and all her mind and all her focus. She was glad to slip by unnoticed as she added her silent prayers in counterpoint to her strongly voiced ones.

We created something of beauty. Available to all who pass by. Inviting engagement simply by its very presence. An offering freely given without expectation or demand. Simply present. Available. Reaching out. Welcoming. 24-7. Regardless of any “credit” coming our way. It just is. A sign of this community of Grace’s charism of radical hospitality, and steady presence – whether or not there are any tangible results that we can measure and replicate. We just are.

So, too, the love of God in Christ. It just is. There for the receiving. Perhaps changing lives, sometimes renewing hope, quietly increasing faith, steadily gladdening hearts. Whether or not it is noticed, God’s love shimmers over and around, in and through, us. Will we notice?