Lay Eucharistic Visitors

The purpose of being a Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) is to take Holy Communion directly from the Sunday worshipping community to Grace parishioners who are hospitalized, homebound or in a care facility.

Why do we do this?

Those who are absent from worship by reason of physical illness or infirmity continue to feel connected with and beloved by their faith community through the ministry of those who visit them for prayer, fellowship, and sharing of the Holy Communion.

Each Lay Eucharistic Visitor goes out about once a month to visit and take communion to those who would like to receive it. The time commitment is small but the rewards are huge. If you are interested in being a Lay Eucharistic Visitor, or would just like more information, please contact us at

Our Lay Eucharistic Visitors:

  • Ellen Mettert
  • Julie Eastlake

Are you Homebound?

Are you homebound? Hospitalized? In a care facility? Is it difficult for you to get to church? We have a wonderful group of people called Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV’s, for short) who take communion to those who cannot come to worship in church.

If you would like to have communion brought to you, please contact the church office at (419) 625-6919 and we will be very glad to send a Lay Eucharistic Visitor to you on the first available Sunday.