Fr. Seth Wymer

What I value most about Grace Church: In the year that I have been the rector of Grace Church, I found the people of Grace Episcopal Church warm and welcoming, wanting to honor their rich history of community involvement and ministry in the Firelands, yet willing to get out of their comfort zone to meet the neighborhood where they are. I pray that you come to find Jesus here and have the strength and the courage to share him with the world around us.

What I bring to our common life as this branch of the Jesus Movement: By nature I am a teacher – I love explaining and bringing to life the holy stories found in Sacred Scripture and making them (attempting to make them) relevant to the people of Grace Episcopal Church. Our mission (mine, the people of Grace and even yours) is to know Jesus Christ and (the most important part) to make Him known to the world we live in. It is an awesome responsibility – but our common life at Grace Church is meant to make that task easier by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and showing the love of Jesus Christ to everyone we encounter in the Firelands.