The Rev. Seth Wymer

What I value most about Grace Church: I remember speaking with Bishop Hollingsworth about a parish “up north” that did amazing outreach, was radically (in the best sense of the word) inclusive, and who just needed to learn how to laugh again. With that glowing recommendation I went through the entirety of Grace’s website, watched a number of their Masses streamed to Facebook, read their parish profile cover to cover (multiple times) and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit applied to be their next Rector – and here we are! In my time here I have found the people of Grace Episcopal Church to be everything that their profile described them to be: Kind, warm-hearted, on fire with the Holy Spirit and with a profound love for Jesus Christ in the poor. I hope you will come and experience the love that Jesus Christ has for you in this holy place.

What I bring to our common life as this branch of the Jesus Movement: By nature I am a teacher – I love explaining and bringing to life the holy stories found in Sacred Scripture and making them (attempting to make them) relevant to the people of Grace Episcopal Church. Our mission (mine, the people of Grace and even yours) is to know Jesus Christ and (the most important part) to make Him known to the world we live in. It is an awesome responsibility – but our common life at Grace Church is meant to make that task easier by clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and showing the love of Jesus Christ to everyone we encounter in the Firelands.